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Prenatal yoga – a mommy-and-me activity!

Prenatal yoga – a mommy-and-me activity!

Yoga is a very adaptive discipline which enables you to continue practicing your favourite sport even when you are expecting! The female body goes through a host of changes throughout pregnancy, and yoga allows you to respect its natural limits, all the while staying in shape. Here are a few tips that will help you select classes that are adapted to your needs in this time of great change!

Nothing but benefits!

Prenatal yoga enables you to develop greater body strength and better endurance while you are carrying a fast-growing tiny human. The sequence of adapted postures can also contribute to relieve the tension built up in your back, hips, neck and shoulders. One tip – go at your own pace and remember to stay well hydrated!

Breathing – being better prepared for childbirth

In yoga, breathing must be conscious, full and coordinated with the different postures and movements of the body. While you are sharing your breath with the tiny being you are carrying, what better exercise to “connect” with your child at the dawn of a birth… or even motherhood!

Connecting with other moms

Often, for those who are expecting a baby, prenatal yoga classes represent a way to get to know other women in the same situation as them and to join their community. The solidarity and emotional support that moms-to-be can get out of it create an environment that fosters motivation to continue practicing your favourite sport.

After childbirth

For many young moms, prenatal yoga takes over for more vigorous sessions during pregnancy, and can even continue after childbirth. It is a great way to get your body back in shape very gently and at your own pace. Look into what studios near you offer in terms of prenatal – and postnatal – yoga!

Yogi mommies – the floor is yours! Have you tried out a few yoga sessions while you were pregnant or with your child after giving birth? Did you get any benefits from it?