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About Dry Eyes

hydraSense® Eye Drops are preservative-free

hydraSense<sup>®</sup> Eye Drops are preservative-free

Many multi-dose eye drops contain preservatives to stop bacteria and fungus from growing and multiplying inside the bottle. Preservative-free eye drops use different delivery systems to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing inside them. For some brands, that means single-dose dispensers that you throw away after each use.

The new hydraSense® Eye Drops use an innovative in-bottle filter that allows them to be both multi-dose and preservative-free. Canadian optometry guidelines favour the use of preservative-free eye drops, if you’re using the product more than four times a day.1

1. Prokopich CL, Bitton E, Caffery B, et al. Screening, diagnosis and management of dry eye disease: practical guidelines for Canadian optometrists. Can J Optom. 2014;76(Suppl. 1):S1-S32.