Yoga 101 – Everything you need to know before your first class!

A woman performing Paschimottanasana

Attire – minimum required

No need to empty your wallet before your very first class – studios are equipped to provide you with or rent out the necessary material. So you can try it out without spending a fortune, and then choose to purchase the essential mat if you wish to continue practicing yoga. Just make sure to wear comfortable sports clothing, and remember to bring a towel and your water battle to stay hydrated.

Etiquette – respect is in order

Don’t be in a hurry! Get there ahead of time to fill out a new student form and take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the person who will be teaching the class. By explaining that it is your first session, you will most likely receive a bit more support and guidance! Remember to let them know about any old injuries or sensitive areas of your body.

Silence is indeed golden in the yoga room – enter on your tiptoes to avoid disturbing those who might already be set up. Turn off your cell phone or, even better, leave it at home to really “disconnect.” In short, respecting others – and yourself! – is a priority.

Attitude – keep an open mind

Yoga studios are all different, as are the instructors who comprise them. Leave your expectations and competitive spirit at home and arrive at the studio prepared to respect your own limits.

Generally, the one-hour classes begin and end with the “savasana” posture, where yogis are invited to lie down on their back for a few minutes of relaxation and introspection. Some studios encourage chanting a few “oms” at the end of class – don’t hesitate to add your voice to those of other participants! And if the instructor thanks you with a heartfelt “namaste,” feel free to reciprocate.

We are eager to get your impressions after your first session! More experienced yogis – do you have any suggestions to add for those who are preparing to be initiated? Do you have any memories from your very first yoga session?