A natural-source solution for the whole family

hydraSense® sources its seawater exclusively from the powerful tides in the Bay of Saint-Malo, France, which constantly renew the seawater’s composition, oxygenating it and regenerating its mineral salt content. Using the latest scientific advances, the seawater is desalinated to an optimum level by electrodialysis, a process which has been shown to preserve naturally occurring trace elements and minerals.

In contrast, some other nasal saline solutions on the market can reduce their salt concentration by diluting seawater with distilled or purified water, resulting in an isotonic a solution that is roughly 1/3 natural-source seawater and 2/3 purified water. However, diluting natural-source seawater also dilutes the mineral salts and trace elements that are found naturally in seawater. hydraSense® is a nasal care product line sold in Canada composed of 100%, undiluted natural-source seawater.


The composition of seawater in absolute values differs based on environmental quality. Tides in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel are the biggest in Europe with a 15-meter rise and fall differential, which creates powerful tidal streams that renew crystal clear waters, ensures oxygenation and promotes the bounty of minerals found in seawater.


hydraSense® nasal saline solutions offer a preservative-free, sterile* seawater solution that contain a combination of more than 70 minerals and trace elements found naturally in seawater.

There are two types of hydraSense® solutions available: isotonic and hypertonic. An isotonic solution contains a salt concentration equal to the salt concentration of 0.9% found in the human body, which is gentle enough to clear, cleanse and hydrate even the most sensitive noses. The isotonic hydraSense® solutions include: Easydose®, Ultra-Gentle Mist, Gentle Mist, Medium Stream and Full Stream.

A hypertonic solution contains a salt concentration greater than the salt content in the human body, which allows hydraSense® Specialty Nasal Care products to relieve nasal congestion and related sinus pressure, with no rebound effects. Created by desalinating 100% natural-source seawater until it reaches the appropriate saline concentration, the hypertonic hydraSense® solutions include: Allergy, Congestion Relief and Congestion Relief Kids.

*Except Eucalyptus.