SteriFlo® Dispensing System

hydraSense® Nasal Care products are naturally-sourced, non-medicated and contain no preservatives. Moreover, hydraSense® products in the 100 mL and 210 mL formats make use of our proprietary SteriFlo® dispensing system, which offers many advantages:

As such, hydraSense® products can be used frequently (when used as indicated).

latex_pocketrubber_jacket sterile_under_pressure flexible_case

All hydraSense® products in the 100-mL and 210-mL formats use the SteriFlo® dispensing system and therefore expire only at the date indicated on the bottom of the box. hydraSense® Easydose®, however, is made for single use only, which means opened doses cannot be reused. hydraSense® Eucalyptus* in the 20-mL format should be used within 28 days after the first spray.

*Note that hydraSense® Eucalyptus is not sterile.