What are the active ingredients in hydraSense® Cough & Cold products?

The active ingredient in hydraSense® Sinus Cold Relief Liquid Capsules is eucalyptol, which is extracted from the plant species Eucalyptus.

The active ingredients in hydraSense® Mucus & Phlegm Cough Syrup are thyme & primrose, which are clinically proven to help relieve the symptoms of cough and bronchitis and the build up of phlegm in the upper respiratory tract.

hydraSense® Dry Cough Relief contains marshmallow root, which has been found to provide effective relief for dry cough symptoms.

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What is an expectorant?

An expectorant is a medicine that thins and/or loosens mucus in your airways, clearing congestion and making breathing easier.

What is a dry cough?

A ‘wet cough’ produces phlegm or mucus, while a ‘dry cough’ does not produce mucus.

Do natural cough and cold medicines really work?

The ingredients in hydraSense® Cough & Cold products have been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of a nasal cold, dry cough and bronchitis.

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Can you use hydraSense® saline products with other cough and cold medications?

hydraSense® saline products may be used alongside other cough and cold medications.

Is hydraSense® caffeine free?

hydraSense® Cough & Cold products contain no caffeine and are non-drowsy.

How often should I take hydraSense® Cough & Cold products?

Always read and follow the directions on the packaging.

Can I give hydraSense® Cough & Cold products to children?

hydraSense® Cough & Cold products are indicated for children 13 years and older only. To help relieve the nasal symptoms of a cold in younger children, try our baby nasal care products.

Can I give hydraSense® Cough & Cold products to people with high blood pressure, pregnant women, and diabetics?

Please consult your doctor.

Is the gelatin of the hydraSense® Sinus Cold Relief Liquid Capsules animal based?

Yes, the gelatin comes from cattle