There is an unmet need for cough and cold sufferers

  • 30% of consumers prefer natural health products over medicated products1

  • 58% of the population suffers at least one cold episode per year2

hydraSense® cough and cold products offer naturally sourced and clinically proven active ingredients

Primrose and Thyme: Demonstrated Efficacy & Tolerability to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and build up of mucus in the upper respiratory tract 3

Greater reduction in Bronchitis Severity Score (BSS)

  • 11-point (92%) vs. 5.2 point (45%) decrease in BSS from baseline after 7-9 days of treatment (p≤0.001)

Faster relief of symptoms

  • 3.4 days vs. 5.6 days as assessed by onset of treatment effect (p≤0.01)


  • 90% rated tolerability as “good” or “very good”

Eucalyptus Oil: Demonstrated Efficacy & Tolerability in Rhinosinusitis†4

Significantly greater reduction in Symptoms-Sum-Score (SSS)

  • 8.6-point vs. 3.5-point decrease in SSS from baseline to Day 4 (p<0.0001)

  • 12.5-point vs. 6.5-point decrease in SSS from baseline to Day 7 (p<0.0001)


  • Mild to moderate side effects possibly associated with medication were observed in only 2 of 76 patients (heartburn and exanthema)

Marshmallow Root: Consumer Reported Efficacy and Tolerability

Reduced symptoms

  • Syrup formulation was reported to improve oral or pharyngeal irritation and associated dry cough

Rapid onset

  • Syrup formulation was reported to have a rapid onset of improvement


  • Only 3 minor adverse events for the syrup (1 case of bloating, 1 case of abdominal discomfort, and 1 case of poor tolerability)

  • Tolerability of the preparation was rated as “good” or “very good” by 98.8% of respondents using the syrup

* Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter, prospective study evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of a combination mixture of thyme fluid extract and primrose root tincture in adults with acute bronchitis. 150 patients received either 30 drops orally per day of combination mixture (thyme and primrose root extract; n=75) or placebo (n=75). BSS scores (which assesses symptoms such as cough, sputum, rales/rhonchi, chest pain during coughing, and dyspnea) were assessed at Days 0, 3-5, and 7-9.

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, prospective study, evaluating both efficacy and safety of the use of cineole (the main ingredient in eucalyptus oil) in the treatment of rhinosinusitis. 152 patients received either cineole capsules (n=76 patients) or placebo capsules (n=76) for 7 days.

The primary endpoint was improvement of clinical condition as defined by symptom-sum-score that assessed: headache on bending, sensitivity of pressure points of trigeminal nerve, impairment of general condition, nasal obstruction, rinological secretion, secretion quantity and viscosity, frontal headache, and fever. Assessments were done on Days 0, 4, and 7.

In two independent surveys, 822 consumers buying either syrup or lozenges containing marshmallow root extract to treat their dry cough were asked about their 7-day treatment to document their view on the effectiveness and safety of the preparation. One survey was about the syrup preparation (516 respondents) and the other survey was about the lozenge preparation (306 respondents).