Naturally sourced sodium hyaluronate provides long-lasting hydration

  • Prolongs tear breakup time and tear film stability1,2,3

  • Has been clinically proven to hydrate and protect the eyes by binding water to protect the cornea from dryness4,5,6,7

Innovative delivery system for a preservative-free solution

  • Multi-dose bottle features a one-way valve that dispenses one sterile drop at a time

  • Tip mechanism closes after each use to prevent contamination

  • Built-in air filter protects solution from airborne microorganisms

Diagram of hydraSense Eye Dropper
  • Tip mechanism closes after each use

  • In-bottle air flow filter to prevent air contamination

View the innovative delivery system in action

  • Product can be used for up to 12 months after opening.*check that this applies to all SKUs*


Can be used with contact lenses