Formulated with naturally sourced and clinically proven ingredients, hydraSense® Sinus Cold Relief Liquid Capsules, Mucus & Phlegm Cough Syrup and Dry Cough Syrup help soothe your bothersome cold symptoms like nasal & sinus congestion, chest congestion, cough, and scratchy throat.


Relief from sinus cold symptoms

hydraSense sinus cold relief liquid caps

With naturally sourced, clinically proven eucalyptol*


Non-drowsy relief for mucus, phlegm & wet cough

hydraSense mucus and phlegm cough syrup

With naturally sourced, clinically proven thyme & primrose*


Non-drowsy relief for dry cough & scratchy throat

hydraSense dry cough syrup

With naturally-sourced, clinically proven marshmallow root*

* Proven based on their use in herbal medicine