Easy and convenient to use, our hydraSense® products require no solution mixing or water boiling. Simply place the nozzle on the bottle, and you’re set!

By offering pre-mixed solutions, hydraSense® takes the guesswork out of nasal irrigation, ensuring the perfect balance of naturally-sourced salts and minerals, every time.

hydraSense® also comes in individual Easydose® vials. Their single-use disposable format makes them easy to carry around and use anywhere, at home or on the move. Designed for newborns, they’re also a convenient alternative to the isotonic hydraSense® nasal sprays for family members who prefer nasal drops or are on the go.

hydraSense® Nozzles

The hydraSense® nozzle comes in different spray and mist strengths to adapt to all sensitivity levels. Strength is determined by the angle width of the stream: the wider the angle, the gentler the stream; the narrower the angle, the stronger the stream. The detachable and washable nozzle helps effectively distribute the solution throughout the nasal cavities and prevents damage to the delicate nasal tissues.

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