Ways to Help with Dry Eyes and Keep Your Eyes Feeling Fresh

If you find that dry eye is recurring frequently, it could be that your environment and lifestyle aren’t doing you any favours. They can play a big role in how your eyes produce tears and how quickly tears evaporate off your eyes, which in turn both contribute to dry eye symptoms. Try a few of these eye care tips and see if they help:

Give your eyes breaks during long tasks.

Reading, working at a hobby, watching TV or focusing on a computer screen for long periods of time usually means blinking less. Give your eyes a rest by closing them every now and then or deliberately blinking a few times to moisten them.

Position your computer screen below eye level (or raise your seat).

When you’re looking down at something, your eyes are open less wide. This means less surface area of your eyes is exposed for tears to evaporate.

Moisturize your air.

During dry seasons, like winter, a humidifier can help keep your indoor air from drying out your eyes.

Avoid hot air.

Whether you’re drying your hair or warming up the car, don’t let hot air blow in your eyes.

Shield your eyes outdoors.

If you’re in a hot, dry climate or out on a windy day, wearing sunglasses (ideally a protective wraparound style) can help protect your eyes from the environment.

Use an air purifier.

Use an air purifier to filter dust and other particles from the air.

Avoid smoke.

Smoke is an irritant that can worsen dry eye symptoms.

Stay hydrated.