Fast Dry Eye Relief with a Naturally Sourced Lubricant

hydraSense® eye drops provide fast, effective, and long-lasting relief for dry eyes. They are phosphate-free and preservative-free eye drops which can be used with contact lenses. They contain a naturally sourced lubricant called sodium hyaluronate, which is clinically proven to hydrate, lubricate and protect your eyes.

Naturally Sourced Sodium Hyaluronate Provides Long-lasting Hydration

  • Prolongs tear breakup time and tear film stability1,2,3
  • Has been clinically proven to hydrate and protect the eyes by binding water to protect the cornea from dryness4,5,6,7

Innovative Delivery System for a Preservative-free Solution

  • Multi-dose bottle features a one-way valve that dispenses one sterile drop at a time
  • Tip mechanism closes after each use to prevent contamination
  • Built-in air filter protects solution from airborne microorganisms
  • Tip mechanism closes after each use
  • In-bottle air flow filter to prevent air contamination
  • Product can be used for up to 12 months after opening.*


Can Be Used with Contact Lenses

1The gel drop's higher viscosity, for long-lasting relief, makes it an option to treat dry eyes at night and before sleep. The easy-to-use liquid gel is also suitable for day.

*Also contains other ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium citrate, dihydrate, citric buffer, water.


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