hydraSense®Ultra Congestion Relief Allergy

hydraSense®Ultra Congestion Relief Allergy

hydraSense® Ultra Congestion Relief Allergy relieves nasal allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion and related sinus pressure and it is non-medicated. Trust hydraSense® to help you breathe better.

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Age 6+


  • Works quickly to relieve indoor and outdoor nasal allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion and sinus pressure
  • Helps eliminate excess mucus
  • Helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms caused by pollen/hayfever
  • Helps reduce the use of oral allergy medications
  • Facilitates better breathing

The hydraSense® Nasal Care Benefit

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Fast Acting
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Free of Medication
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100% Natural-source Seawater*
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*Except Nighttime and Netirinse®.

#1 most trusted brand by Canadians 2019

Doctor's Recommendation About Nasal Congestion

    Apply 1 spray of hydraSense® Ultra Congestion Relief Allergy in each nostril by depressing the nozzle, use up to 3 times daily, followed by blowing of the nose for desired relief.

    For children over 6 years of age and adults.

    Consult a doctor if cold or allergy symptoms last longer than 5 days or if symptoms worsen.

    You may experience a temporary tingling sensation if mucous membranes are irritated.

    100% natural-source, undiluted seawater desalinated to
    30 g/L (3.0%) equivalent sodium chloride and rich in mineral salts and trace elements naturally occurring in seawater.

    • 100 mL