Moderate nasal congestion in newborns and young infants can make breathing difficult. If babies are unable to breathe effectively while breastfeeding (due to dry or obstructed nasal passages caused by cold or allergies), it may cause feeding problems as well.

While there is no cure for the common cold and antibiotics do not work against cold viruses, non-prescription saline (saltwater) nose drops or sprays such as the hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care products may help alleviate nasal symptoms, thus facilitating better breathing.

• Effective at cleansing excess mucus accumulation, as well as reducing nasal dryness.
• Helps reduce and relieve nasal cold symptoms.
• The isotonic seawater solution, which contains a salt concentration equal to salt concentration found in the human body, can be used for cleansing and hydrating sensitive noses.
• Sterile, saline solution and free of any medications or preservatives.

The hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care products include: Ultra-Gentle Mist, Easydose®, Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit and Nasal Aspirator Protective Filters.

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