Eucalyptus Nasal Spray for Congestion Relief | hydraSense®

hydraSense® Specialty Nasal Care Eucalyptus

hydraSense® Eucalyptus is a natural-source seawater spray with a refreshing eucalyptus and mint scent that is clinically proven to provide relief of nasal and sinus congestion. Breathe better with a cooling sensation provided by hydraSense® Eucalyptus!

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Age 10+


  • Fast acting congestion relief
  • Effective relief of nasal and sinus congestion caused by colds or sinusitis
  • Provides cooling sensation
  • Regular or frequent use without rebound effects
  • Facilitates better breathing

The hydraSense® Nasal Care Benefit

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    Apply 1 spray of hydraSense® Eucalyptus in each nostril by depressing the nozzle for 1 second, up to 3 times daily, followed by blowing of the nose for desired relief.

    For children over 10 years of age and adults.

    Consult a doctor if cold or allergy symptoms last longer than 5 days or if symptoms worsen.

    hydraSense® Eucalyptus should not be used in children under 10 years of age or in women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

    You may experience a temporary tingling sensation if mucous membranes are irritated.

    Hypertonic, natural-source seawater, desalinated to 22 g/L (2.2%) in naturally occurring mineral salts (including 1.8% sodium chloride) and a combination of other marine trace elements, with fragrance, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, myristamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate, polylysine.

    • 20 mL
    • 100 mL